Emilie Walmsley

Head EP Animation


Jean-François Bourrel



Jonathan Zahut

Executive Producer


Bruno Recorbet

Head of New Business


Stella Ramsden

Executive Producer


Maxime Baillet

Managing Director


Margaux Triniac

Office Manager


Teamfight Tactics - Ruin Rising



Ruin Rising | Reckoning Launch Cinematic - Teamfight Tactics

Client : Riot Games

Animation : Brunch Studio


© 2019-2021 Riot Games, Inc. RIOT GAMES, TEAMFIGHT TACTICS and any associated logos are trademarks, service marks, and/or registered trademarks of Riot Games, Inc.

PUBG - New State


PUBG: New State | Fall of Troi 

Welcome to Troi. Once a peaceful town.

Chamber Agent Trailer

Andry Charles

Questions answered. Futures revealed. Bienvenue au maître du jeu.


Andry Charles - Director
Jonathan Zahut - Executive Producer
Brunch Studio
Bleuenn Mallat - Line Producer

Léna Séquert & Amandine Lefèvre - Production Managers

Mathieu Maurel - CG Supervisor
Ester Rossi - Background Design Artist
Ivy Buirette - Animatic Editor

Vincent Chambin - Character and Props Modeler
Sébastien Bègue - Character and Props Modeler
Pierre Juge - Character, Props and Set LookDev
Jean-Géraud Blanc - Props Modeler
Lucile Thyrard - Character, Props and Set Texturer
Flavien Garnier - Rig Supervisor
Luca Amorosi - Rig Artist
Michael Raux - Layout Artist
Inès Tchirikhtchian - Layout Artist
Benoît De Geyer D’Orth - Layout Artist
Paul Lavau - Animation Supervisor
Olivier Royer - Animator
Julien Loth - Animator
Guillaume Noue - Animator
Benoît De Geyer D’Orth - Animator
Nicolas Ocipski - 3D FX Artist
Maxime Neaud - 2D FX Artist
Emilie Chouabe - After Effects FX Artist

Vincent Hochet - Lighting/Rendering and Compositing Artist
Julia Bueno - Lighting/Rendering and Compositing Artist
Fabien Meyran - Lighting/Rendering and Compositing Artist
Paul-Eugène Danaud - Lighting/Rendering and Compositing Artist

League of legends - K'sante


Yesterday’s wounds become tomorrow’s weapons. Learn, for the hunt continues.


Director: Andry Charles

Executive Producer: Emilie Walmsley

Producer: Jonathan Zahut


Brunch Studio

Head of Production: Fabien Cellier

Pre-Production Line Producer: Mélanie Parisi

Line Producer: Charles-Philippe Bowles

2D Supervisor: Sixtine James


Character Design: Frank Calico

Concept Artists: Fabio Besse, Mohamed Fadera, Simon Leclerc

Key Visuals: Andry Charles

Colour Script: Chloé Dumoulin

Storyboard: Kirill Blumenkrants, Fafah Togora

Editor: Roberto Fernandez


Background Artists: Léo Brodin, Simon Masse, Milo Pottier, Paul Régnier, Wenkai Wang, Thomas Widmer,


2D Layout: Valérie Bousquié, Juliette Danesi, Xavier Ramonède


Rough Animation: Pierre Butet, Basile Cortale, Paul Dabout, Sixtine James, Edgar Merland, Pierre-Yves Vauzelle


Tie-Down Animation: Deborah Balboa, Pierre Butet, Rodrigo Burigo, Techin Chen, Basile Cortale, Pierre Coll-Lacour, Paul Dabout, Edgar Merland


Clean Animation: Deborah Balboa, Rodrigo Burigo, Techin Chen, Basile Cortale, Pierre Coll-Lacour, Eva Lagrange, Lou Maurice de Reparaz, Edgar Merland, Virág Negyedy


Colour Animation:  Preetam Dhar, Nilayan Deysarkar, Hannah Judd, Lou Maurice de Reparaz, Alphée Note, Milo Pottier


FX Animation: Caroline Pages, Erwin Reiffel, Antoine Vincent, David Wegmann-Serin


Lead 2D Compositor: Rémy Bonnin

2D Compositing: Arthur Chaumay, Mohamad Houhou, Margot Kaluszyner, Paul Régnier


Pipeline & Developer: Alexis Prayez

Developer: Radouane Lahmidi

IT System Engineer: Arnaud Kandin

IT support: Ramy Zaouai

Accountants: Moussa Traoré, Rachel Mazaya

AFK Arena - Desperation

Lucas Durkheim

This episode is the continuation of Lucretia's story, the first part of which Lucas developed in the film Tales of Esperia. It came out in September and was viewed by millions of fans. This new trailer presents the origins of the hostility between Lucretia and Zaphrael, the father of her son Owain.


Client: Lilith Games

Produced by Eddy

Animated at Brunch Studio

Sound by Badje

Assassin's Creed: Valhalla

Goodbye Kansas


Client: Ubisoft

Agency: DDB Paris

Executive Creative Director: Alexander Kalchev

Copywriter: Julien Kosowski

Art Directors: Jenna Haugmard, Jean Weessa

Agency Producer: Florence Gabet


Directed by Emnet Mulugeta

Produced by Eddy

Executive Producers: Jean-François Bourrel, Jan Cafourek

Producer: Rebecca Cervantes

Animation Studio: Goodbye Kansas

VFX Supervisor: Henrik Eklundh

Sound Design: Red Pipe

Sound Design: Robert Eklund

Sound Mix: Schmooze


Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope

Faux Soleil

Back and ready for anything, Mario and his team pair up with the Rabbids to explore the depths of space, confronting Cursa, the mysterious villain and its minions that appear before them. 


Client : Ubisoft

Directed by Arthur + Simon

Animation by Brunch Studio

League of Legends "Project: Reckoning"



Executive producer:
Emilie Walmsley

Line producer : 
Fabien Cellier 

Supervisor : 
Jean-Charles Kerninon 
Clément Lauricella

Character artist : 
Clément Lauricella
David Letondor

Rigg artist : 
Maxime Granger

Props & environment artist : 
Clément Lauricella
Antoine Merveille
Rémi Julien

Previz artist : 
Matthias Martinez
Samy Fecih
Mikael Lynen

Animation artist :
Chloé Lang Wilar
Benoit Bargeton
Alaric Mahu

2D FX artist :
Alexandra Latour
Pierre-Méziane Sersour
Martin Richard

3D FX & CFX artist :
Jérémie Reveniaud
Maxime Granger

Matte painting artist : 
Jérémy Flandrin

Lighting & compositing artist : 
Jean-Charles Kerninon
Franklin Toussaint
Vincent Hochet
Vincent Ewald

Clutch V2: Animated Valorant Frag Film


Presenting the first-ever, animated VALORANT frag film, inspired by clutch moments from NA creators such as Shroud, Pokimane, Wardell, Myth, Quarter Jade, TenZ and Kat.


Client : Riot Games


Animation by Bobby

Directed by William Trébutien at Bobby

Produced by Eddy












Apashe ft. Panther - Battle Royale


© 2019-2021 Riot Games, Inc. RIOT GAMES

Elite Squad

Rémi Parisse

Eddy, Brunch and Ubisoft team up to launch the first cinematic of the Tom Clancy's franchise game 'Elite Squad'. Be prepared for mayhem! 
Our director Remi Parisse leads us through a fiery action-like movie sequence. Remi helds us in suspense while the story unfolds introducing the heroes and villains of the beloved Tom Clancy's ubisoft franchise.

With its impeccable direction, its stunning animation and never-ending details, you want to watch it over and over again.

Valorant - Snakebite


Valorant – Snakebite, A Viper’s Tale

Trailer produced for « Valorant » game by Riot.



Directed by Jo Celse
Animation by Bobby
Produced by Eddy
Producer: Stella Ramsden
Production manager: Thomas Duguay
Production Assistant: Fanny Thébault

Storyboard: Jo Celse
Character Design: Rossi Gifford
Layout: Julien Daubas
Lead Animation: Suzon Héron
Animation: Alice Blaskevic, Vaibhav Keswani, Camille Burles, Célia Campos
FX Animation: Juanma Laguna
Backgrounds: Rudyard Heaton, Arnaud Hay
Compositing: Marine Saillard
Post-Production by Everest

Brand Manager: Sabrina Wong
Producer: Matt Tong
Creative Lead: Rel Hunt