Emilie Walmsley

Head EP Animation


Jean-François Bourrel



Julie Paturle

Executive Producer


Bruno Recorbet

Head of New Business


Stella Ramsden

Executive Producer


Maxime Baillet

Managing Director


About us

Eddy Animation is a production company founded in 2015 that represents  animation film directors for music videos, advertising, game cinematics and fiction. 

Directors alternate between personal projects where they explore their directorial vision and visual creativity, and commissioned films, where their experience and their love of innovation are further developed. It’s not a technique or style that defines us, but the synergy between the artistic approach and the story. 

Our philosophy is to nurture and encourage our director’s artistry. The idea of ​​constant progression towards a goal defined together drives us forward. In a world saturated with images and communication, we are convinced that the collaboration between a director and their team is as important as the support of their artistic vision. This alignment is the key to our success. 

Our goal is to develop original stories, both for fiction and for clients, and this cannot be done without our team of artistic directors, screenwriters, copywriters and graphic authors who are at the heart of the studio. 

Since 2015, Eddy Animation has produced music videos for artists like Gorillaz, Ariana Grande and Breakbot, but also Christian Rich (winner of the gold price at Club des DA and the winner at Berlin Music Awards), Anne Muller (Silver Winner at the Shots Awards, Gold Winner at Club des DA and shortlisted at Ciclope) and even M (awarded at the Berlin Music Video Awards festival). 

Eddy Animation has become an industry leader in the video game cinematic industry and has collaborated with Ubisoft, Riot Games, Bethesda, PUGB, Nacon, and Lilith to name a few. 

We have equally worked with emblematic brands such as Chanel (shortlisted in the Ciclope Festival 2023), Diptyque (Bronze Winner at the Shots Awards 2023), Bentley, Hermès, MAIF, Amnesty International, Red Cross and the Monnaie de Paris.

'Dear Destiny' Chanel

Werlen Meyer

Périple en carré

Léa Bancelin

McDo Music Tour

Temple Caché

Juniore - Méditerranée

Clément Soulmagnon

Nummer 2

Faux Soleil

Eddy is thrilled to present Nummer 2, an animated music video by director duo Faux Soleil with music by Anne Müller. Faux Soleil was inspired to develop Nummer 2 after listening to cellist Anne’s album Heliopause.

Nummer 2 alternates between microscopic scenes of animal life, where formerly extinct species have mutated and thrive, and vast, sweeping landscapes. The rhythm is contemplative, building a sense of place, an atmosphere. The render is at once graphic and photographic, inspiring a sense of familiarity and distance.


Directed by Faux Soleil


Jean François Bourrel - Executive Producer

François de Rosanbo - Executive Producer

Emilie Walmsley - Executive Producer

Stella Ramsden - Producer

Brice Smith - Production Manager

Thibaut Cohadon, Maria Markova, Carole Guignard - Production Intern

HMLTD - Lay Me Down

Collectif 99°

Fuk U

Lucas Durkheim

In this short movie auto produced by Eddy, Lucas Durkheim pays a tribute to 80's action movies.

Meet Coco, an impulsive hitwoman whose life revolves around spying missions, assassinations, and gathering intel. Following the orders of her parents, Coco struggles with her dislike of hierarchy, and an everlasting rivalry with her older brother

Le Chocolat des Françaises - Alice Guy

Leïla Courtillon

Shit Happens - L'Olivier Assurance




Director: Jean Jean (Jean-Nicolas Arnoux)

Executive Producer: Emilie Walmsley

Producer: Julie Paturle

Production Manager: Josepha Kaptur



Studio Director: Fabien Cellier

Director of 2D Productions: Emilie Revert

Pre-production Director: Mélanie Parisi

2D Production Director: Tiffanie Gouzon


Character Design: Jonathan Vermersch

Set Design: Jonathan Vermersch

Storyboard: Jean Jean


2D Animation Layout: Ambre Decruyenaere, Louise Viriot, Pipou, Edgar Merland

2D Animation: Ambre Decruyenaere, Louise Viriot, Pipou, Edgar Merland

2D Compositing: Emilie Chouabe, Julien Sarraute


Pipeline & Developer: Alexis Prayez

Developer: Radouane Lahmidi

IT System Engineer: Arnaud Kandin

IT Support: Richard Leja, Mohamed Elhajji

Accounting: Moussa Traoré, Rachel Mazaya


Sound Design: Badge

Day Off

Mathilde Bédouet


Directed by Mathilde Bédouet

Producer : Julie Paturle 

The Boy Who Cheated Death

Pipou Phuong Nguyen