Turbo Collective

Emilie Walmsley

Head EP Animation


Jean-François Bourrel



Julie Paturle

Executive Producer


Bruno Recorbet

Head of New Business


Stella Ramsden

Executive Producer


Maxime Baillet

Managing Director


Turbo Collective

Emile In Paris

Turbo Collective

"Émile in Paris" is a series of mini-films directed by the Turbo Collective

The overall tone of the films is somewhere between comic and bizarre, with some hilarious and original monster designs. We follow Emile, a little aviator monster who twirls in the capital, encountering other wacky creatures along the way. 


Turbo Collective is : Antoine Marchand, Paul-Eugène Dannaud, Fabien Meyran & Benoît de Geyer

Imagine & Crafted with love by Turbo Collective

Additional Rigging : Flavien Garnier

Compositing VHS Effect : Vincent Ewald

Musique Originale : Jesse Frederick

Sound Design & Sound Editing : BADJE Auditoriums et Turbo Collectif

Mixing Studio : BADJE Auditoriums

Producer : Julie Paturle

Eddy Production : Jean-François Bourrel, Emilie Walmsley

Hosted and Supported by Brunch Studio

'The Settlers' Ubisoft

Turbo Collective

Red Cross Australia - Worst block in town

Turbo Collective


Directed by Turbo Collective 

Storyboard: Turbo Collective
Character Design : Antoine Marchand
Concept Artist : Gaël Chauvet

Production: EDDY
Executive producer : Emilie Walmsley
Producers : Camille Principiano, Jonathan Zahut
Production coordinator : François de Rosanbo

Production: UNLISTED
Executive Producer: Graham Pryor
Producer: Kade Robertson

Menhir Fx Studio (Valentin Valdo Dornel, , Simon Tarsiguel,  Pierre Tarsiguel, Clément Crosnier, Sarah Guadagno, Loic Curien,  Rachel Bosc-Bierne, Fabien Urbanczyk, Edgard Cros, Thomas Caputo, Julien Reyes, Steeve Manangou, Alwin Durez,, Lucien Lecompte)

Editing : Hugo Hartmann Perrenot
Grading : Nightshift
Sound Design: Andy Stewart
Music Supervision: Level Two Music

Original Music
Written and Performed by Kate Miller-Heidke & Keir Nuttall
© Sony Music Publishing (Australia)

Client: Australian Red Cross
Belinda Dimovski – Director Engagement & Support
Astrid Mallard – Head of Marketing & Communication

Creative Agency: DDB Sydney
Executive Creative Director: Matt Chandler
Senior Art Director: Elaine Li
Senior Copy Writer: Jared Wicker
Senior Producer: Niki Bentley

Belin Rolls

Turbo Collective


Turbo Collective


Rubika Graduation movie directed by by Antoine Marchand, Fabien Meyran, Louise Grardel, Geoffroy Collin, Otalia Caussé, Robin Merle 


Turbo Collective

At night, in a fish shop, two soloists give a very chic and emotional performance of Verdi’s La Traviata.